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7th at the opening of the 24 hours of Le Mans !

Updated: May 12

For the second year in a row, I took part in the opening race of the 24 hours of Le Mans. New year and new challenges for me by joining the French team: MV2S Racing. After an encouraging test session at Le Castellet at the beginning of May, I couldn't wait to return to competition after almost a year without competition.

Passage to connection - Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT

Wednesday - Free Practice

The Road To Le Mans event begins on Wednesday with the two free practice sessions. These two sessions of one hour each allowed me to get back into my rhythm with the car and with the legendary Le Mans circuit. The tests went very well despite no full laps completed under green flags. We finished 17th and 12th in practice. These times are not indicative of our performance because of the Full Course Yellow. Our crew is strong and our car is very fast.

I also took advantage of this event to invite all my partners! A real pleasure shared with all the “actors” of my project. I loved seeing their smiles and their sparkling eyes during the presentation of the cockpit of my car. I was also able to interact with them and answer all their questions about my discipline. An excellent moment of sharing, so important in a human project like mine!

Moment of exchange with my partners “My Team #MP24H

Thursday - Qualifying and Race 1

2 races in the weekend is synonymous with 2 qualifications. My teammate Matthias took the wheel for the second qualifying session. I was in charge of the first qualification. One of the many challenges of my session was finding my place in the peloton so as not to be hindered by the other competitors. I then had to complete the laps as quickly as possible. At the end of the session, I finished in a magnificent 7th place out of more than 35 LMP3s! I was the first real silver and above all in front of many professional drivers! I set the same time as last year while the best time of the session was 1.2 seconds slower than the previous edition!

In the evening, the race started at the end of the afternoon just after the hyperpole of the 24 hours of Le Mans. My teammate started the race and I finished the event. Matthias also finished 7th in his qualifying session. After an excellent first stint on his part, I took over the wheel in 13th place. In my first laps, I battle with Nicolas SCHATZ, a multiple French hillclimb championship and one of the best drivers in the championship. I resist his attacks while overtaking other competitors. I move up to 7th place, I am faster than the leader a few meters in front of us. I am able to come back to fight for a podium and maybe better! SAFETY-CAR, an LMP3 accident causes the fight to be interrupted. We cross the checkered flag in the same order. Too bad but very satisfied with my performances, I am among the best silver drivers in the world in my category!

Return to the track at Road To Le Mans - Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT

Friday - Race 2

My teammate started 7th again. Unfortunately, as he took the first Mulsanne chicane, he was violently hit. The car is damaged and we find ourselves beyond 35th place. I take the car back under safety cars in 38th position. On the restart, I'm in a battle to get back up... I'm fighting with more than 5 cars, a driver just in front completely misses his braking and hits another LMP3. I choose to go inside, free space in front of me. The driver at fault for the KO made another mistake, he did not lock his brakes and returned to the track in reverse. I see him come back into my field of vision late but I am only about ten meters from him, contact is inevitable despite my lightning reaction time to brake my car as much as possible. Our weekend ends like this... Really frustrated by this action, I found myself a passenger with nothing I could do... This kind of behavior is unacceptable at such a high level (world-renowned LMP3 race).

Despite this slightly anticipated end to the weekend, the weekend was WONDERFUL both in performance and in sharing with my partners.


My results are more than encouraging, I have once again made an impression! I can now devote myself fully to 2024 and find the missing budgets to no longer block my promising progress!


I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all of my partners for their unwavering support in this magnificent sporting but above all human project! With our weapons, we work miracles on the track, the best teams are starting to take an interest in us! The 24 hours of Le Mans are inexorably approaching. Let's continue to support each other and we will triumph!


I also warmly thank the MV2S Racing team for providing us with a very well prepared and ultra efficient car. I loved your way of working and the work atmosphere. I wish you an excellent end to the season with #28 and #29!

The 2023 chapter of my journey is closing, that of 2024 is already being written...



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