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First year of the year !

New challenge for the year 2024 with the discovery of my new car and my new team.


As every year, the winter period is a key stage in the preparation of a race car driver. The performance of the season is built during the off-season, so it is essential to work intensively on both the sporting and financial aspects. What an off-season! I received more than fifteen program proposals and welcomed many new partners in my adventure. It's a real breath of fresh air to welcome them, given how important my behind-the-scenes work is.

I absolutely wanted to return to a full program in 2024. I find myself behind the wheel of an NP02 (a car equivalent to the LMP3) with ANS Motorsport, one of the best teams in France. I am so happy to be evolving with them this year. It's nice to find the Ultimate Cup Series championship, pumped up with nearly 30 Prototype cars engaged, with a level worthy of its European championship title!

Here is a photo of the announcement of my 2024 program under the colors of ANS Motorsport and my NP02 #72.

The start of the season took place at Le Castellet in the Var region in early March, with a first 4-hour race that went rather well. Here's a quick recap of the weekend!


The tests took place over two days. On Thursday, we had 3 practice sessions. These tests allow drivers and teams to refine the car's settings, but also to get to know the track better. It is also an opportunity to position ourselves among the other teams and drivers competing in the championship.

My feeling with the car is good, but we lack performance compared to other teams. This trend was confirmed on Friday and we undertook changes to the settings for Saturday. Our pace placed us in the top 10 of our category, but we wanted more. By Friday evening, we had more data to validate my technical feedback, which had been consistent since the beginning of the meeting.


On Saturday morning, we were able to modify the car for the final free practice session before qualifying. We took advantage of this to make some modifications, which allowed us to slightly improve our performance. I saw an improvement in our car, still insufficient, but we were heading in the right direction. Despite a difficult start to the weekend, I was happy; my technical feedback was very good and allowed, in collaboration with my more experienced teammates in the car, to modify the car and find a good setup for qualifying.

Qualifying took place at night, a first for me! My teammates Philippe and Erwin performed very well in their sessions. Yes, we had 3 qualifying sessions of 15 minutes each to allow each driver to take part in a qualifying session. The starting position on the grid is determined by the average of the 3 sessions.

In my qualifying session, I achieved a magnificent 6th place out of nearly 20 competitors. I am very satisfied with this performance. It's a top performance considering my experience with the car, with only half a day of testing in the off-season!


With the sum of our 3 times, we started 14th in our category. Philippe took the start. He was in the middle of a comeback when the Safety Car entered the track at the same time as the pit stop window. Unfortunately, we had to change the exhaust manifold, which cost us nearly 25 minutes in the pit. Erwin took over the wheel after the repairs. Erwin drove very well and achieved excellent performances. With 1 hour remaining in the race, it was my turn to take the wheel to finish the race. I took the wheel and my race pace was fast! I was running a few tenths off the race winner. We finished the race in a position that does not reflect our performance at all.

If we deduct the time lost due to the mechanical failure, we would have finished in the top 5 without any problems and possibly on the podium... It's really frustrating and unfortunate that we couldn't fight at the front... that's part of motorsport.

We still have nearly a month to prepare for the next meeting. It will take place in Portimao where a 6-hour race awaits us, the longest of the year.

I'm already looking forward to it!!!


I would like to thank the entire ANS Motorsport team for their work on this first race. We were not rewarded for our efforts, but we are on the right track!

I would also like to sincerely thank all my partners who allow me to compete in this ultra-competitive European championship:


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