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Last laps at Monza before the summer break!

Return to Italy on the legendary Monza circuit for the 4th round of the championship. A monument to world motorsport also nicknamed “the Temple of Speed” because of its ultra-fast route.

Head to the track! – Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT


I discovered the circuit during two free practice sessions. Seemingly simple with its chicanes and long straights, the Monza circuit is actually quite complex with its numerous bumps and its very high average lap speed.

During the first session, I had to break in brake discs and pads. I took advantage of these running laps to familiarize myself with this track. Alexandre then took the wheel. He was able to rediscover the 11 corners after the tests he carried out earlier this year. We encountered a mechanical problem at the end of the session, putting an end to our driving.

During the second, I was able to exploit the full performance of the car on the brakes and I set the 5th fastest time of the session. I was satisfied with my lap and my adaptation was once again very quick.

Between Lesmo and the Ascari Variant – Photo Credit: Jules BEAUMONT


Everyone on new tires, such is the rule in FP1 imposed by the championship. I was behind the wheel at the start of the session. In the first laps, I was in the top 5, highlighting my rapid action. Unfortunately, I ran into traffic on my potential best lap with the tire performance peaking. So I couldn't improve. My teammate then completed his laps and I got back in the car to conclude the session. I then slightly improved my time despite the deterioration of the track conditions (temperature and tire damage in this heat).

In the second session, I had to break in the brakes again following a failure of one of the discs. At the end of the session, I left the pits with the intention of moving up the hierarchy. At the end of the session, I again set the 5th time, 2.5 tenths behind the first. I could even get into the top 3 without a small mistake on my final attempt. A little frustrating but my pace was good despite the few laps completed on the track. Really encouraging for the race the next day.

Attack at sunset – Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT


As usual, it was Alexandre at the wheel during the qualifying session on Saturday lunchtime. At the end of a good session on his part, Alex placed us in 20th place. I was happy with his progress during this difficult exercise of the fast lap.

Alexandre also took the first relay of the race. After a difficult start where he lost 3 places, Alex recovered thanks to the errors of the other drivers, many at the start of the race. Unfortunately, during the start of a Full Course Yellow, he was hit by another driver, damaging the rear of the car. I then got back behind the wheel in 20th place.

Shortly after our stop, a new period of racing interruption occurred. All the competitors took the opportunity to return to the pits. We lost a lap on the lead... It was then impossible to envisage a good result on a regular basis. Nevertheless, I attacked as much as possible despite the aerodynamic damage. The car was very difficult to drive. Despite everything, I managed to set the 15th time in the race. Good performance considering the conditions. We finally finished the race in 17th position.

Italy didn't smile on us in the race this year...

Direction the track - Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT


A big thank you to the entire Virage team for your work over the weekend. We are moving in the right direction even if the results have not yet materialized in the race.

A big thank you to my partners for supporting me in this project. The next deadlines are coming...

Sarthe Objectif 24, EA Immobilier, NGC Assurances, Department of Sarthe, SOMTP Ouest, Béton Tavano, Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, Ville de Spay

It's now the summer break. I continue to work as hard as possible to prepare for the end of the season but also and above all an even more ambitious project for 2023...

We take off our helmets, it's vacation! – Photo credit: Jules BEAUMONT


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